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ThingMaker Design


DESIGN, PRINT, PLAY!With the ThingMaker Design™ app you can easily design and 3D print fun characters, scary creatures, jewelry and accessories for your family! Simply drag parts together and they snap in place, just like in reality.TRY THE CHARACTER KITS OR CREATE YOUR OWN FROM SCRATCH!Quickly make a scorpion or a samurai using the built-in character templates and easy to use tutorials. Or start from scratch and mix things up to create a scorpion samurai with skeleton legs. Don’t worry, everything you do is automatically saved. Undo and redo at will!
STRIKE A POSE!Pose your creation in the app and get a feel for the real-life 3D printed version. All joints in the app bend and twist just like the real 3D printed parts. You can even create custom environments for that perfect photo of your masterpiece to save to your camera roll and share with friends!
UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY!With hundreds of different parts to mix and match, what you create is limited only by your imagination. Customize your creation to make each part your own with amazing colors and surface textures. Tap to change the entire part or use magnifying mode to design in detail.
3D PRINT YOUR CREATIONS!When your design is complete, you can easily export to 3D print all of the parts to make your creation real. ThingMaker Design™ parts are built to 3D print easily, with no rafts or supports. Ready to print? Exporting STL print files is a snap! Follow all instructions for your at-home printer to bring your toy to life!